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  • This article is a discussion thread. Please read the documentation below and provide your thoughts, concerns, and questions in the comments below.
    This article is being written to determine our policy regarding what lore should be available here and what lore should remain on the forums. Specifically, this covers two topics:
    • Player-created races
    • Player created Houses/Clans
    Currently, as with the rest of the lore, these have a place on the forum in their own boards. However, if the Wiki system is voted in, we will be relocating our world lore to the Wiki. We would like to open it up to discussion on where player-implemented lore should be created.

    We have always believed that the players contribute just as much to the story, if not more, than the staff. As such, we would like to appropriately recognize your contributions. This is why we have a semi-open lore policy, and are looking to open that up even more with this Wiki system. The purpose of this system is to allow you, as a regular user, to contribute your knowledge and expertise. This could include modifying lore pages to include new developments, modifying the text to improve readability or to change tone, or documenting events much like a chronicler would. Additionally, we have always welcomed minor additions to our lore. If the Wiki system is voted in, we will include a Sandbox category where users are able to write their own lore and users may discuss said lore. If the lore is accepted, it will be relocated by a member of the lore team to an appropriate location so that it may be featured along-side official lore.

    That said, player-created races and houses/clans are inherently complex. Some may require articles that are better suited for a Forum environment, while articles that are primarily lore or meta information (such as a Census), may be appropriate for a Wiki article. Certain access-controls may also need to be implemented. For instance, a user's character might only be listed in a census after an application has been reviewed and approved. For this purpose, the system includes a way to restrict write access, available in the same location as the article title. However, this is strongly discouraged. This system is intended to be a communal knowledge-base, and we expect that our users will be able to identify and respect these situations. Articles should only be modified when you are making an effort to correct or improve them. Anything else may be seen as vandalism and you may have your edit rights removed.

    I believe that, for a majority of purposes, the Wiki will be appropriate, but this is also what this article is going to address: are Articles appropriate for discussion, or is this better suited for threads?

    TL;DR, here are the topics of discussion:
    • How should player-created lore in regards to large categories such as races, houses, or clans be handled? What are some pros and cons to handling these on a Wiki system versus a Forum system?
    • Should we delegate each application (forum and wiki) to handle specific types of lore? For instance, should high-traffic discussions or areas where a lot of topics are being created (i.e. character sheets) be kept on the forum while articles on locations and races be moved to the Wiki?
      • More succinctly, if we split lore among the forum and Wiki, what lore should remain on the forum and what should be moved to the Wiki?
    Thank you for your contribution!

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