• Categories are intended to group together pages on similar subjects. Categories help readers to find, and navigate around, a subject area, to see pages sorted by title, and to thus find article relationships.
    Categories are written in the following format: Namespace:Article Name. Note, there is no space after the colon. Rather, the space is omitted to show that there is no leading characters before the page name. If you write an article that needs to be categorized, please follow the guide below.

    Categorization should first be implemented by placing the article into the correct Lexicon folder. This can be done by navigating to the location where the article should be held and then clicking New Article. Alternatively, once an article is created, it can be moved using the edit form.

    Name-based categorization, such as the name of this article, is handled using Namespaces. For normal articles, they use the Article namespace. This namespace does not have an explicit qualifier, and thus would be written as :Article Name. However, best practice dictates that when there is no namespace or you are using the Article namespace, the leading colon : should be omitted, making the article name read Article Name.

    NamespaceNamespace Description
    (Main/Article)Default Namespace. Used for all articles which are not Lexicon meta-articles.
    HelpThe Help Namespace is a namespace consisting of "how-to" and information pages whose titles begin with the prefix Help:, such as this article. These pages contain information intended to help use the Lexicon. Some of the pages are intended for readers of the encyclopedia; others are intended for editors, whether beginning or advanced. Sometimes, there will be overlap between the Help namespace and the Lexicon namespace (articles with the Lexicon: prefix_. For this reason, Synonyms are set up to allow the article to exist in both namespaces. Which name is in the primary and which is in the synonym should be based on which is the "best match."
    LexiconThe Lexicon Namespace is a namespace for articles containing information or discussion about the Lexicon software itself. Appropriate articles include discussions of Namespaces (add, remove, their use), topics allowed on the Wiki, and policies directly relating to the use of the Lexicon such as definitions and moderation guides. This namespace should not include articles containing "how-to" guides, best practice guides, templates, or drafts, nor should it contain policies or meta-level discussions of topics other than the Lexicon itself.
    DraftThe Draft Namespace should be used for Work In Progress articles. These articles must change namespace upon completion.

    The Discuss Namespace should be used for discussion articles. These articles are reserved for meta articles discussing large changes to Lexicon and Help articles.

    If you believe a Namespace should be added or removed, create an article titled the following: Lexicon:Create XYZ Namespace. Namespaces should be one word when possible. When multiple words are required, the Namespace should be written in CamelCase, where spaces are omitted and the first letter of every word is capitalized. The article should include justification for the creation of the namespace and information about its intended use.

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