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    • Humans and Crossbreeds

      Starting races are races that you as a new player may choose to play. Only the races defined in this thread are allowed in your application. After you have applied and been accepted, you can continue making characters of these races without any further application process. Some other races, especially player-owned races, may require you to submit a supplementary application in order to demonstrate understanding of the expanded lore for theses characters. Additionally, other races may be considered "closed," which means that a member of the race may only be played if the owner of the race has given their permission.

      That being said, here are the starting races...

      Humans - Please note, sizes and weights for humans are provided only as general guidelines. Actual sizes may vary between characters dependent on a multitude of conditions. Generally speaking though, if you're making a human, make the sizes and weights believable.
      • Male: 5'4" - 6'4"
      • Female 4'5" - 5'10"
      • Males: 110 to 250 lbs
      • Females: 90 to 200 lbs
      Live Span:
      • Males: 60 to 70 years
      • Females: 70 to 85 years

      Hybripath - "Crossbreeds"

      Kay Akiyaba wrote:

      "Hybripath" is a collective term used to describe the subjects created under the Citadel's Hybripath research program, otherwise known under their misnomer, "Crossbreeds." Hybripaths are, fundamentally speaking, hybrids created by combining the Homo Sapien genome with the genomes of other Mammalia. It is worth noting that the Hybripaths communities have developed their own languages, when they could afford the mental capacity to do so.

      ...the physical, mental, and emotional attributes of the subjects varied widely.

      Physical variations from their human hosts varied from acquiring new limbs (e.g. tails) and relocation of existing structures, most notably the ears and face. Other modifications varied on the complexity of the modification...

      Hybripaths are divided into three categories:
      • Mutatio Minimus - Mostly human in appearance with relatively minor changes, such as in mannerisms, or very few physical changes.
      • Mutatio Medius - Still retaining an upright stature, though carrying the physical attributes of their partner animal. Many scientists liken these to fantasy animals such as Satyrs and the like.
      • Mutatio Maximus - These subjects appear to be most similar to the animal partners, and yet the opposite of Mutatio Minimus. Subjects of this category are mostly animalistic, but with relatively minor changes towards being human. Many sport human hands and feet, some human faces, but on animal bodies. The mental capacities of these subjects are no more than their host animal[1].
      1. Many scientists report discomfort when working with subjects of this category. Most complaints result from the subjects being "creepy."

      Established Hybripath communities, as listed below, have their own language. In order to speak this language, you must either be a member of that type of crossbreed or you must have been taught the language. To denote that you are speaking in a language other than English, use the following in chat:
      <Feline: Those furless humans must be so cold...>
      where "Feline" is replaced with the language you are speaking. For simplicity, the name of the race is the name of the language.

      As mentioned above, Hybripaths will often carry the mannerisms of their partner animal. For instance, Felines have a tendency to nap often and watch things from the sideline, while Caprine may be thick-headed and always hungry.

      Here are a list of the common crossbreeds. You may create your own custom breed, but you must have established your breed (50+ characters) before your breed will be able to have a language of its own.
      • Feline (Cat) - Mutatio Medius and Mutatio Maximus have the added bonus of surviving longer falls. These characters can fall from heights of 25 blocks without damage.
      • Vulpes (Fox)
      • Canis (Wolf, Dog)
      • Caprine (Goats and Antelopes. Think Satyrs)
      • Corvus (Crow) - Avian Crossbreeds do not sport wings, with the exception of Mutatio Maximus, who are flightless. Mutatio Medius Avians have wing-like arms, possibly terminating in feathers. Mutatio Medius and Mutatio Maximus Avians can use their arms and wings, respectively, to flutter to the ground. This renders this race impervious to fall damage.
      For size, weight, and lifespan, this varies between races, but for all of the races listed below, human-like stats should be expected.

      ** Hair, fur, and feather colors should be natural at the start, unless you specify a reason for the non-standard color, such as an interest or accident by the scientist or dyes.

      *** For the avoidance of doubt: These should be known as "Crossbreeds." You may call them Hybripaths, but many characters many not know what you're talking about. "Hybripath" was their scientific name before the collapse.

      So, you've chosen your race but you don't know how to start in the world? Here's some background lore to get you stared.

      If you're human, you'll start as a traveler or settler. You may have known about the Citadel before or you may have just happened across it. Either way, you walk in, and you're greeted by LuzFaltex (the in-game one) who offers to let you stay in facilities offered by them.

      If you're a crossbreed or other custom race, you will start in the Citadel on Sub-level 1 (otherwise known as SL-1). You have been in suspended animation since the collapse, and your last memories will have been being placed into a tube-like pod by a now-long dead scientist. Waking up, you'll be cold and weak, struggling to find your footing, and hungry. Eating will resolve this issue, and food will be readily available from LuzFaltex.

      To be clear, if you're a crossbreed, you were not "human before the collapse and changed into an animal." You would've been grown in a lab using a combination of human and animal DNA. Additionally, no non-crossbreed characters would have been alive before the collapse without previous staff approval, such as in the case of SE7EN.
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