How it Began

    • How it Began

      This document shall provide a general timeline of the events that happened leading up to "The collapse" on December 14, 2019.

      November 2A press release is posted on the Citadel's website with information on the human interface project.
      November 3A story is released to the media from an unknown individual who claims to be an employee at the Citadel. The story gives their account of witnessing inhumane practices on several subjects in relation to the Citadel's "SEEN" project.
      November 4The story is released to the internet and shown that morning on broadcast television. Many outside groups rally online to show their distaste, and the Citadel comes out with an official statement denouncing the story.
      November 6Reporters are sent to the Citadel to investigate the "SEEN Incident." They are given a grand tour of SL-2. SL-2 (or Sub-Level 2) is, as they see, for small-scale experiments like plant biology, chemistry, and the like. Here, they show them the module that is embedded into the volunteer's skull that provides the actual interface between their brain and the computer. However, while here, a reporter steals a tape showing a procedure conducted on SE1EN five years back.
      This tape shows the initial connection to the machine. SEEN 1, an unnamed 10 year old girl, is lying in a hospital bed. She seems happy, and is clutching a small teddy bear. There are cables coming from the back of her head, supposedly from the interface, and there are a few men and women in labcoats tinkering with various devices around her. One woman, wearing a white labcoat with red sleeves, approaches the girl and sits down next to her. They converse and the girl nods, and she gives a thumbs up to one of the technicians. Moving away, they watch the various computer screens. The heart monitor of the girl starts flashing red and beeping, and a crash cart with shock paddles is rolled over to the bed. The scientists try for tens of minutes to revive her, but after about half an hour, they are forced to resign.
      This tape is leaked to the internet, and the media picks it up again, broadcasting shortened versions.
      November 7The film catches the attention of human interest groups, who then seeing the Citadel and large computer companies as responsible, begin protesting and boycotting goods from major manufacturers.
      These protests are picked up by the media, and their reporting expands the protester's platform. The protesters are getting positive attention, and more people are joining, so the media keeps writing.
      November 11This self feeding causes tensions to rise, and the demonstrations become more intense. Picketing, sit-ins, and marches on Silicon Valley begin, calling for control and transparency.
      November 15Protests are taken overseas. picketing and sit-ins begin in Japan, China, and Europe.
      November 17As the protests grow in coverage, so does the radicality. Some protest groups begin throwing Molotov cocktails, breaking windows, and physically blocking employees from entering buildings. The protests are becoming vocal online as well. People begin calling the CEOs of large companies atrocious names and begin making unsupported claims.
      November 18White-hat hackers enter the scene and attempt to verify the validity of the tapes. At this point, the tape has been edited many times, and there's a theory that the original wasn't real. However, some of these hackers are less benign, and use the excuse to look into other matters.
      November 21Several state secrets and some embarrassing info on politicians is released by WikiLieaks. This causes political tensions to rise as countries begin apologizing to each other. The people put in compromising positions are fired or impeached, causing issues in several world governments.
      Black-hat hackers take control of communication and navigation satellites to watch the fallout of their leaks. However, not only do they just watch and listen, they also speak. Military orders are fabricated and mass armed drone units are moved around the world. Fortunately, the effects are proven to be benign.
      December 1Hackers begin accessing bank accounts of private individuals. The number of victims is relatively small, but it seems to be an effect of intercepting credit card information in the communication satellites.
      December 6Small terrorist acts, more extreme than the Molotovs, begin appearing on Wall Street and the Capital. The targets are large shareholders in the computer companies. There are not many deaths in these attacks, but many are injured.
      December 13Wall Street officials are kidnapped, their cars planted with explosives, and a large number of threats are made.
      December 14 and forwardFearing another economic collapse, people begin trying to get a hold of their assets. The banks are stormed from people hoping to withdraw their money. The FDIC steps in and shuts down the banks, but this leaves people without money and forces many into debt.

      This debt causes people to stop driving, not wanting to have to spend money on transportation and instead using their fuel for other purposes, such as heat. This lack of transportation causes companies to not have employees, and results in them losing thousands of dollars.

      Many companies shut their doors, leaving many out of work. As the unemployment rate rose, so did the prices. The high price caused demand to drop, but the supply remained the same, causing a surplus. This surplus shut down several stores, and many were burglarized and their stock stolen by those who are desperate.

      Among these items, food became expensive. Third-world food supplies died out very quickly, leading to issues in the third world.

      The price of the American Dollar fell as the stock system died and many major companies fell with it. As an effect, foreign countries, especially Europe, were affected strongly. The Euro collapsed completely, and the European Union dismantled shortly after.

      Communication between other countries and even within countries ceased almost completely. Some governments tried to mobilize a response, but unpaid workers soon left, causing the governments to collapse. Without leadership, many individuals began focusing on their survival. Many became farmers, growing just enough food for them and their families. Others became thieves. Others just became dead.

      The second dark age arose. Nobody traveled because of fear from starvation, theft, or murder. Phones and computers could no longer connect to any network for some reason, as if they were being denied access. The military soon disappeared as well, though some say they see heavily armed and armored individuals with advanced technology roaming the wastes...

      September 3LuzFaltex is exploring the former Silicon Valley and finds the Citadel. Several months before, LuzFaltex had discovered documents on the SEEN project, talking specifically about SE7EN. The documents praised her intellect and creative abilities. They set out to find SE7EN, hoping she would be able to furnish answers. Upon their arrival at the Citadel, they find the building has been partially reclaimed by nature. The long foyer has its floors scrubbed and the seats are re-upholstered. Surprisingly, they find that the power is still functioning, as well as clean water available from the sinks and drinking fountains. Elsewhere, this had not been the case. Turning on the TVs, they find that they are showing advertisements for the Citadel. Exploration begins, and they travel through the building's superstructure, finding information about the Citadel, as well as many tradable resources such as pens, pencils, and paper.
      September 5LuzFaltex gains access to Sub-Level 1. Here, they find more office spaces, classrooms, and receiving docks, as well as a vehicle lift leading to the surface. As they explore, they find that the actual facility is quite large, a lot more than they'd expected, but still no sign of SE7EN. As employees explore, several note a scurrying that sounds like it's coming from behind the walls. Many believe them to be rats.
      September 21After exploring for some time, employees find the entrance to SL-2. Attempts are being made to gain entry.
      September 23Employees gain entry to SL-2. After brief exploration, employees find a room with a clear tube, going from floor to ceiling and several feet wide, half embedded in the back wall. The back half of the tube is missing, revealing some kind of cargo area and a track leading to the tube. It is unknown at this time what purpose this serves. Further exploration of SL-2 reveals that SL-2's design is for that of small-scale experiments. However, while they find the first portion of the area has a large selection of tradable goods, they also find it to be very dangerous. Many chemicals have corroded the environment, leaving sharp edges and rusted surfaces. There also seems to be traces of other beings inhabiting the area, such as partially eaten food.
      September 27An armored figure approached the employees from the darkness of SL-2. He identified himself to be of the Crimson Knights, using the name "Spark." Through conversation, it was revealed that the Crimson Knights were a small but elite guard force for SE7EN, though he refused to bring them to her. The conversation was brief, and he soon disappeared into the darkness again. Fearing repercussions, it was declared that none shall interfere with the Crimson Knights.
      October 1Scientists make contact with the first Crossbreed. It is delivered in the tube room found a few days earlier. The subject appeared to have been contained in some kind of suspended animation until its delivery. The front of the tube opened, closing the back of the tube, and allowed the subject to leave. Despite efforts to capture the subject, which appeared Avian in nature, the subject was able to flee deeper into the level.
      October 12Further exploration of the level reveals more dangerous experiments, and several sentient beings. Some are quadrupedal in nature, others bipedal. There are also a fair share of skeletons from small animals such as mice and lizards held in cages. After finding some papers in a filing cabinet, beings were dubbed Crossbreeds, and it is decreed that they are to be given the rights entitled to any man. On another note, the light switch has not been found, which adds to the danger as well as the eerie atmosphere.

      Jolts: Brief, unregulated signals received as interference. According to popular belief, these are the results of part of the deceased SEEN units' subconscious minds. The effects are generally mild; at worst a minor annoyance. They have a tendency to open and close automatic doors, turn on and off lights and radios, and sometimes sound the alarm klaxon.

      Whispers: Compared to the milder Jolts, Whispers are a deadly and serious threat, and are far less common. These signals appear to be the same thing: interference on the computer system causing intermittent and faulty signals to occur. Whispers only happen in conjuction with Jolts. The most common case results in someone being trapped in their room by a Jolt and whispers starting.

      The observed effects of whispers include insanity, mental breakdown, and often suicide. Those that survive the whispers are often reduced to a state of hysteria, or begin seizing and are sent to the hospital as vegetables, if they are not killed by the Prototypes.

      The Prototypes: Tall, lordotic, humanoid robots. Their purpose, it seems, is to rid the facility of pests and the dead. They also have been observed to attack the victims of whispers, for an unknown reason. The prototypes wield a flame thrower, which is used to cremate the bodies of the deceased and attack rats and other pets. In their belly is a large orb, thought to be the location of the "brain." These orbs hold a liquid that will fetch a high price on the black market, but only when the orb is intact. The fluid evaporates quickly in the presence of air. This fluid, when smoked or vaped, can produce a calming high without being addictive, however overdoses can cause brain damage or death. Retrieval of the orbs is very difficult, however, as the prototypes are also very capable in hand-to-hand combat, and have a tendency to self-destruct if they are losing. This poses a danger both to the collector and the orb, as both are commonly destroyed.

      When the server opens, the starting date will be October 13, 2338. Months, days, and years follow the Gregorian calendar.
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