On Soul Arts and Revival

    • On Soul Arts and Revival

      Samael Tarkington wrote:

      Feel it, as an extension of your body, a resonance, or vibration in your being. Find that, and you're well on your way.
      Souls are the life force found in all living beings, with the exception of plants and single-cell organisms. A person's Soul is them, and they inhabit a temporary shell, the body. As such, if a soul is removed from a body and placed into another, that person will continue living on inside of that new body.

      There are several different kinds of Souls, and the color of your soul determines your “Magical” elements, as well as a few more minor physical aspects. Those with special training can manipulate their soul's power to achieve certain ends. This manipulation of power is known as Soul Arts.
      • Red Souls are attributed to the addition of heat energy into things, or space. They can add heat to a material to melt, or incinerate it, same as they may add heat to themselves in a cold environment to avoid hypothermia.
      • Yellow souls are energy souls. They deal with the more raw forms of energy, such as kinetic, and electric. They are able, to a certain extent, to add potential, or kinetic energy to objects, as well as charge them with static, and then discharge either at a steady pace, or very violently.
      • Green souls are souls that deal with the flow of life between things. One may take life from surrounding things to heal themselves, or spend their own to heal either the most minor of wounds, all the way to keeping someone stable at the brink of death. It takes an immensely skilled practitioner, however to bring one back from death. They can also have a minor mastery over the flow of air, and create wind.
      • Blue souls are cold souls. They deal with taking the heat from things, and from a space. They can snap-freeze the water vapor in the air into a solid mass, or take the heat out of others to cause direct damage.
      • White souls are light souls. They deal with any source of tangible energy that has a wavelength. The Soul Art for white souls is the ability to manipulate things such as microwaves, gamma rays, and radio waves. More importantly, they can prevent death, but at severe cost. Depending on the nature of intervention, it can be temporary weakness or permanent injury. Most white souls do not do this lightly, as saving the life of another can cost them their own.
      • Grey souls control exchanges - how energy moves between systems. As such, they can act as catalysts between souls. Grey souls are typically weaker in their soul arts, and their soul art is very difficult to master. However, grey souls with much practice can be almost impossibly powerful, so long as their wit is on the top of its’ game.
      • Black souls are dark souls. Black souls have control over the absence of wavelength, making them a direct counter, though not superior to white souls. They can pull the light, or other wavelength out of an area, to create a shadow to hide in, or a radio dead-zone. With the highest levels of mastery, one may also commune with the deceased.
      • Brown souls are earth souls. They have mastery over manipulating the soil, and stone that makes up our world. Their manipulation does not stop there, however as particularly adept practitioners have been known to will the iron in the earth around them into any shape they require at the time, even so far as to erect a castle in a day.
      • Lucent or Faint souls are invisible, as if one does not possess a soul. Unfortunately, this means their bodies are exceedingly frail, the lucent soul allows them to persist living through sheer force of will alone, as if to live when their body by all reasonable accounts should be dying. These souls, and those who wield them are often sought after by the soul schools to become clandestine agents, invisible to even the most highly trained individuals able to see a person’s soul as if it cast light. Their true power is in their absence.

      On rare occasions, some may have bi- or (very rarely) tri-colored souls. These people, however, discover these colors later in life and generally have a grey or lucent soul to start off with. However, adopting the soul arts of these additional souls is very dangerous and unwieldy.

      Powers are not limited to specific effects. With enough control over one's soul and the ingenuity to do so, the bounds of one's soul arts are limited only by their creativity.

      However, while everyone has a soul, using soul arts is not feasible without years of training. This training must be conducted on the server by one of only a few trainers, and soul artists themselves are very rare.

      Soul Arts

      Using soul arts uses the energy of your soul directly, and the use of soul arts is based on the perception of the action in the world. In other words, the Artist imagines a world where the desired result is in place, such as Old Mr. Jenkins' hair being on fire, and using their energy, allows that world to merge with this one. The larger the effect, the more energy is consumed. So, if someone wanted to use Soul Arts to light a cigarette, the energy drain would be negligible, but if someone wished to raze an entire city at once, it would tire them considerably, possibly even killing them.

      This is of course controlled by one’s maximum storable soul energy, the rate at which they can call upon it, their precision of control over it, and other such factors.

      The regeneration of one's energy is tied with their metabolism. The body's energy is the soul's energy. Some call this "lifeforce" or "mana," but a more adequate description would be stamina. Tiring one's soul gives the sensation of physical exhaustion, as well as the symptoms. This can be anything from drowsiness to death.

      Common ways to regenerate energy is by controlling your breathing, eating, and drinking. However, use of metabolism boosting stims, cocaine, and other such bodily stimulants have been recorded.


      This is really all down to personal preference, and what you plan to do. While Grey and Faint souls are generally discouraged for new people, it's not impossible to start with them.

      Your character's soul colour(s) are determined by a few factors; The colour of their mother, environment they were born in, and the environment where one spends their early life. When an infant is born, they require a spark, like a flame would, so the mother's soul effectively breaks off a fragment, and uses it to kickstart the soul of the infant. During their early life, if exposed to a high enough concentration of a certain soul type, the soul's colour can change, or it can adopt another colour. This can be accidental, or even intentional if one is well versed in this procedure.

      While nature can indeed have an impact on one's personality, nurture has a far greater one. As such, there is no specific personality type for any one soul colour, as in you could have the most evil, horrible rotten person have a white soul, while the kindest, most patient person you'd ever meet has a black and red combo. You may play your character with a soul that reflects their personality, sure, but you should also take their specific powers, and drawbacks into consideration.

      PS: Also I (Samael) happen to think that the neutral evil thief always having a black soul is boring, come at me.

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