The Valley, the Badlands, and the Sutherlands

    • The Valley, the Badlands, and the Sutherlands

      Fall of the Citadel takes place in the equivalent of Silicon Valley. Large swaths of unowned land, ruins, and forests make up the ecosystem of The Valley.

      On one side of the Valley lies the Citadel and its campus. The campus itself is large and dotted with office buildings and surrounded by a large fence.

      On the other side of the valley, nestled high into the cliffs, is À L'abri. This strongly medieval town is run by a king and queen. Many will find that the queen holds power along side her king, though she tends to be less forgiving than the king.

      Between them lies the Valley. On the east side, a car tunnel lies, providing the only safe passage to the outside of the canyon besides going all the way around by boat. The cliffs above are inhospitably cold, and many have died trying to climb over.

      The lush green Valley interior is due in part to the nutrients washed from the mountain into the valley, providing healthy plant life. This bastion is truly the only safe land in the immediate area, when considering only the wildlife and fauna. Outside of the high walls of the valley lie the Badlands... the post-apocalyptic ruins of America.

      The Badlands are full of vile creatures. Expect to see people who are starving, bands of raiders, and the like. While the danger is higher, the potential of finding valuable scrap is higher. Additionally, land is scarce inside the Valley, so most settlements will be forced to find themselves outside of the Valley's protective walls.

      The environments of the Badlands range from temperate to inhospitable. You can expect to find harsh deserts, jungles, grasslands, and forests. In the far North and on the Valley's walls, you can expect to find snowy tundras.

      The Badlands are lawless. Some may attempt to establish strongholds, and within those, establish law, though they must be prepared to defend themselves against raiders. Many tribes exist in the badlands as well, modelling themselves after the native Americans who had inhabited the lands many years before. Some are more accepting than others, so you better learn quick who is who.

      The Sutherlands are for those who are looking for resources. By taking a ship from the Western coast, you can travel to and from the resource-rich Sutherlands. Here, you can find everything you could need - coal, iron, wood, and much more. LuzFaltex discourages any permanent structures in the Sutherlands as they may provide transportation to different areas of the Sutherlands as resources expire.


      The Valley and The Badlands are on the same map. While building is permitted in the Valley, especially early when the Badlands are not open, please be observant of space. Small houses and farms are suited for the Valley, not large cities.

      When the Badlands open, you may build cities, castles, etc. without regard to space. We will have a very large map, and it will be some time before it is filled, if ever.

      Additionally, while there may be a small number of resources in the Valley and Badlands, such as trees, ice, snow, dirt, and various types of stone, these areas are NOT resource oriented. In these areas, you are required to purchase land using in-game money. We have a plugin for this, which you can read about on the plugins page. Once you own the land, you are welcome to do what you like with it, but please try to keep the aesthetic of the land as much as possible in your builds.

      The Sutherlands will be open from the start, and you are allowed to break or place any blocks you like there. Construction is allowed, and through Plotme, you are able to protect certain areas from griefing, which is allowed in the Sutherlands. You may wish to avoid building permanent structures here, as the Sutherlands map will be regenerated every so often, and any previous builds will be lost.

      Lastly, if you wish to prototype your builds, you may do so in a creative world we will provide for you. Please see the signs in the creative world for information on rules. This map will not be reset, but as it fills up, additional maps may be created.