Mafia Pub and Inn

  • Mafia Pub and Inn

    The Mafia Pub and Inn

    Image commissioned by LuzFaltex for Fall of the Citadel. Characters and subjects Copyright © 2017 Freeze-pop88, all rights reserved.

    The Mafia Pub and Inn was started by LuzFaltex soon after the discovery of the Citadel. Knowing that prospectors and other visitors to the Citadel would need a place to rest their head and fine drinks to warm their bellies, they took over the former commissary and went to work turning it into a bar.

    Welcome Home

    Image Copyright © 2017 LuzFaltex

    See anything missing from our menu? Stop in and let us know!

    Upbeat, moving rhythms and warm liquor combine to create a very entertaining environment. The jukebox in the corner plays Electro Swing, everything from Caravan Palace to Parov Stelar. Not your thing? Many songs can be found on the jukebox, just go pick something out!