Getting Started - Everything you need to know to apply

  • Getting Started - Everything you need to know to apply

    Hello! If you're reading this, you've begun your first steps to joining the LuzFaltex family. This convenient guide should give you all of the information you need in order to apply. Any time you see an orange link, click on it. It will include extended information on the topic.

    Backstory and Lore

    The world of Fall of the Citadel takes place on an Alternate Reality Earth. Fauna (animals) and Flora (plants) can be reasonably expected to match real-world analogues. However, our world is also a bit different than what you may be used to if you've come from other servers...

    The world of Fall of the Citadel is a medieval post-apocalyptic world. In the year 2019, science is at the cusp of creating an actual AI: a controversial and powerful tool being created by top scientists like Kay Akiyaba at the Citadel Research Facility. A group of these scientists, known as the Crimson Knights, worked directly under Doctor Akiyaba and were assigned to be directly responsible for the safety of SEEN subjects; a job they did not take lightly. However, these times of plenty and technological achievement were not to last. The collapse of the American Dollar and the start of a second Great Depression destabilized many world governments, causing the downfall of major nations in the UK, China, Russia, and Japan. Once communication died when the power grid failed, we effectively entered a second dark ages. Not many traveled as they did not have the means or they were afraid of raiders. A world very similar to the worlds of Fallout and Mad Max were seen during this period, and it would take a few hundred years for us to re-organize. When we did, societies very much resembled those of the age of iron. Kings and Queens rule the lands to this day, in the year 2338, nearly 300 years after the initial collapse.

    The technology of the old world still surrounds us, but much of it was either destroyed in the 300 years since the collapse or are considered extremely dangerous. As they say, some secrets are best left buried. The streets are dotted with burned-out shells of automobiles, some of them modified by the raiders of old to better fulfill their lust for power. Those that might have still been operational lie dead, no fuel left to power them. Most computers lie dead or destroyed, no power to run them and any sort of backup system expired many years prior. Firearms from the old world are plentiful, however many will not be functional and may be potentially hazardous to their users. For simplicity's sake, staff will let you know if you have a functioning firearm, how well it functions, and will need to be present any time you attempt to use one. Firearms will not be functional unless you find one that has been stored properly, and even then it will require maintenance before it is capable of functioning.

    Our story takes place in and around the ruins of the Citadel, the pre-war Research Facility located in our version of Silicon Valley. Our Valley is lush and green with environments ranging from plains to thick forests. A river runs through the middle of the valley from North to South, and the valley itself is ensconced in a box canyon, its high walls providing protection from the world outside. On the Eastern side of the valley, an old car tunnel connects the lands outside with those within. On the Northern end of the Valley, the city of A L'Abri sits nestled into the cliff walls. This city is ruled by a King and Queen... a mysterious couple to be sure.

    The Citadel wasn't always a bustling trade center though. It was pretty much abandoned until LuzFaltex found it. On a mission to find and rescue their "Lord and Savior" SE7EN from the confines of the Citadel, they established a base of operations and began hiring locals to help them explore the depths of the Citadel. The Citadel itself is not a single building, but a campus. The campus buildings are named using Greek letters.

    Choosing a Character

    Now that you have an understanding of the lore of the world, it's time to delve into the different species available to you.

    As a starting player, you will have two choices: Humans and Crossbreeds. Human characters are the same as real life humans. A variety of races are available to you, as well as any conditions such as albinism, muteness, blindness, or whatever you choose. A selection of Crossbreeds are available to you as well, including felines (cats), vulpines (foxes), canines (dogs), caprine (goats.... basically satyrs), and corvus (crow).

    There are three kinds of crossbreeds, but only the Mutatio Maximus and Mutatio Medius branches are available. For simplicity's sake, we'll use a feline crossbreed as an example. A Feline Mutatio Maximus is essentially a human with cat ears and a tail while Feline Mutatio Medius is more akin to Khajiiti from the Elder Scrolls universe.

    If your first character has already been approved and you wish to create a second character or a replacement for your first, a few more options open up to you. If you wish to create a human or one of the crossbreeds listed above, you may do so on-the-fly. This means that you do not have to create an application for these races. However, you also have the option of creating your own crossbreed (or something else entirely) by creating an application. The application should be very detailed and should include information such as reproductive capabilities, any race bonuses or debuffs, perception of the race by other races, and culture. A formal guide to this application will be created soon.

    Additionally, if your race is approved and has a strong enough following, your own board may be created to house additional information on the race, allowing you to split up the topics into separate threads. These races should include a census thread. As an example, you can see the Hell Hound Project. This was a race that was pre-approved during the race submission period last year and is a closed species, meaning you must ask permission before playing a character of this race.


    Many of you, during your time here on Fall of the Citadel, will meet other characters and, at some point or another, may want children. Here's a quick guide on how pregnancy works. Please note, however, that this applies only to races owned by LuzFaltex (humans and crossbreeds), and custom crossbreeds that are based off the human + animal formula. Entirely custom races will have their own pregnancy guides and you should refer to those for more information.

    1. Determining pregnancy: This step determines if the mother is actually pregnant with a child. In order to calculate pregnancy, roll 1d100. If your roll is greater than or equal to 80, the mother becomes pregnant.
    2. Determining Race:
      • If the father and mother characters are of the same race, the child will be that race.
      • If one parent is a human and the other is a crossbreed, roll 1d100. If the roll is greater that 75, the child is human. Otherwise, it is a crossbreed. (1/4 chance of being human).
      • If both parents are crossbreeds but of different races, roll 1d2. 1 = father's race. 2 = mother's race.
    3. Term: Time in our world does not match real life on a 1:1 scale. In fact, all characters age differently. If you have an idea for a set system, suggest it here. For now, though, gestation should last a period of two IRL weeks minimum. You may remain pregnant for longer if your character's time scale allows it.

    Term 23 wrote:

    Inappropriate roleplay is not allowed and will result Disciplinary Action.
    • Sexually-explicit roleplay is strictly prohibited, both on the Website and the Server. Implied sexual situations, hugging, and kissing will be allowed.

    Applying and starting on the server

    When you feel you are ready, you may submit your application. Please be sure to read the application guide before continuing as you will need to follow the format provided.

    So, I've applied. Now what? First and foremost, be patient. A moderator will review your application shortly, sometimes moments after you post it. Messaging moderators to review your app may result in your app being denied. An exception to this rule is if you have waited more than one week (seven days) for a response. In this situation, please message the head of the moderation staff.

    If you're denied, don't be upset! Most moderators will not deny outright unless serious issues are found. Just listen to their suggestions and you'll be up and running in no time.

    If you're approved, great! The moderator who approved your application will leave you the domain of the minecraft server. Put on your skin, start up the correct version, and come join us! First time players will spawn with a kit that includes a supply of food, an iron dagger, and a welcome book with some basic information. Please read this book a it will contain important information about your character's starting location and information on how to get your starting funds and your nick changed.

    What to do after being approved

    This is completely optional, but one of the thinks we support is the option to create a character sheet. Character sheets are informational pages usually describing your character, their relations, and their appearance. Often, they include art and music for that character. There is no set format for character sheets, but several are provided for convenience. If you have a format you would like to provide for others to use, post it and @mention a moderator so they can pin it.

    If you have multiple character sheets, you may wish to create a character sheet collection. This is a single thread you can link to in your footer which should contain links to your character sheets. I organize mine based on what account they're played on, but this is not necessary.


    If you have any questions, please create a post here and it will be answered shortly!