The Citadel's Campus

  • The Citadel's Campus

    The Citadel is not a single building, but instead an entire campus. The buildings on the campus are named using Greek letters. Here's a guide to the buildings...

    • Sigma (Σ): Administrative Building located in the center of the campus. This building holds a variety of administrative offices, meeting rooms, and the primary datacenter.
    • Omega (Ω): Power plant. Contains a Flibe Energy™ SMR that was originally used to power the Citadel. This building is located in the rock that makes up the Southern edge of the Valley. A backup datacenter is available in this location as well. The SMR lies dead, the radioactive materials expired and decaying. Entering the reactor chamber not recommended, but the Omega facility itself is currently safe.
    • Upsilon (Y): Transit and shipping hub: Located in Sigma's basement, this facility provides storage for non-hazardous materials, a tram station for accessing other sites, and shipping docks.
    • Theta (Θ): On-site Housing, Recreation

    • Lambda (λ): Research labs: This facility contains classrooms, chemistry laboratories, and other research facilities. It is the primary location for scavenging, as well as the location where the SEEN laboratories are believed to be held.