Client Modifications and Rules

    • Client Modifications and Rules

      Many of us enjoy modding Vanilla Minecraft in order to improve it or add to it. We encourage such behavior here, but there are a few rules that you must follow.

      1. Mods should not give you an unfair advantage over other players. This includes x-ray and fly mods.
      2. Mods should not interfere with the operation of the server or the ability for others to enjoy the server.

      We do provide support for some mods
      1. Conquest_ Reforged: This mod adds custom blocks from the Conquest_ Reforged texture pack that would otherwise be unusable since they removed Metadata.
      2. More Player Models 2: This mod adds cosmetics to your character model. We have the server plugin which enables these cosmetics to be seen by others.

      Additionally, we strongly encourage users to use Forge and OptiFine. However, at this time, you are not required to run any mods to play on Fall of the Citadel. This will be changing soon as we will have a mod that adds custom blocks to your client. These custom blocks will be used in the Citadel and other locations, but will not be found in nature.