Land Ownership (How do I start a city?)

    • Land Ownership (How do I start a city?)

      Land Ownership is controlled by a proprietary plugin called Nobility. This thread will establish a general guide on all of its features.

      Every command is executed using /noble. From here, a series of commands can be executed. You can always run /noble help for a list of all commands.


      Before you can use the system, you must purchase a Nobility. This title will give you the ability to purchase land, create your own house, and manage your hold. Additionally, this comes with a cosmetic advantage: you can select and display your title before your name.

      [Captain] is part of the title plugin which has its own thread.
      Duchess is the user's title.
      sneaky_ninja_66 is the user's name when they do not have a nickname.

      There are a wide range of titles you can choose from and you can change them at any time at no charge.

      /noble title list - Display a list of all available titles
      /noble title use <name|ID> - Use the selected title
      /noble title clear - Removes the title from your chat messages.

      Once you purchase nobility, you cannot un-purchase it. The only way your account can stop being nobility is if you request that your nobility be transferred to an alternate account.


      A house is an organizational unit. Creating a House allows you to tax your constituents and gives you a house bank. If you're looking to become a major nation, you will want to purchase a House. Houses are regarded as major factions in roleplay and allows others to recognize your group. Please note that you can only be a member of one house at a time.

      /noble house create <house name> - House name is case sensitive. This creates a new house with you as the owner.
      /noble house info [house name] - Displays info about the specified house. If [house name] is left blank, it displays information about the house you are currently a member of.
      /noble house disband - Disbands your house. Displays confirmation prompt.
      /noble house transfer - Transfers ownership of the house to another player.
      /noble house SetHeir <playername> - Sets the player as the house's heir.
      /noble house RemoveHeir <playername> - Removes the player as the house's heir
      /noble house invite <playername> - Invites the player to join your house
      /noble house remove <playername> - Removes the player from your house
      /noble house leave - Leave your house. If you're the owner, ownership will go to your heir. If you have no heir, the command will fail.
      /noble house Deposit <amount> - Deposits money into your house bank
      /noble house wthdraw <amount> - Withdraws money from your house bank
      /noble house Online - Shows all of the members of your house who are online
      /noble house SetTax <amount> - How much money will your constituents be charged
      /noble house SetTaxFreq <amount in days> - How often taxes are collected in real life days


      Guilds and Houses are functionally the same, however Guilds cost significantly less to found and are regarded as minor factions in roleplay. These should be used if you wish to establish an organization, company, or club. Guilds have all of the same commands, except it's under /noble guild instead of /noble house.


      Regions are a collection of plots that you own. You do not need a house to own a region. If you want to own land, first thing you need to do is create a region:
      /noble region create <Region ID> - Region ID is a unique ID that must be given to each region. It is recommended that you name it after your region. For instance, if your region is known as the Citadel, your region ID could be Citadel. If your region name is My Region, you could make your region ID MyRegion.

      This command creates a region in the chunk in which you are standing. Please be sure you are not standing near another region. We have a lot of space on this server. No need to bunch up.

      Next, you'll want to add plots to your region. This is done with two commands.

      /noble region buyplot <region ID> [number of plots] - Purchases the specified number of plots and assigns them to your region. If the number is not specified, one plot is purchased. Purchased plots go into your plot bank.
      /noble region claimplot <region ID> - Claims the plot you are standing in. Please note that this plot must be directly adjacent to another owned plot.

      So what if you no longer need a plot in a particular spot? You can unclaim the plot.

      /noble region unclaimplot <region ID> - This unclaims the plot you are standing in, adding it to your region's plot bank. This allows you to move plots if they're misplaced or no longer needed.

      Lastly, you can delete your region. No refund is provided for this action.

      /noble region delete <region ID> - Removes region with prompt. Permanent.

      Other Commands

      /noble check <username|house name - Displays information about the user or house
      /noble map - Gives you a fancy map which highlights chunks. Blue chunks are chunks you don't have access to, green chunks are ones you own or have access to, and tan chunks are unowned.

      Managing Region Permissions

      Region permissions are handled by a separate plugin, Essentials. Here are the region commands for essentials.

      Add a player as a member to your region:
      /region addmember <regionname> <playername> <playername> <playername> <playername> ...

      Remove a player from your region:
      /region remmember <regionname> <playername> <playername> <playername> <playername> ...

      Add a player as an owner to your region, this will make it possible for
      this player to add or remove members to your region and set flags.
      /region addowner <regionname> <playername>

      The same, to remove an owner:
      /region remowner <regionname> <playername>

      Set a welcome message for your region:
      /region flag <regionname> greeting <message>

      Set a goodbye message for your region:
      /region flag <regionname> farewell <message>

      Region Flags

      Region flags define what people are able and not able to do within your region.

      A flag has three states: allow, deny and none. If you leave the end blank it will change the flag to default settings.
      >Full flag list here< - If you can't use some of the flags please let us know on the suggestions forum.

      These are the flags you can change:

      /region flag <regionname> mob-spawning <allow/deny/none>

      By default this setting is set to allow. Please note, we have disabled hostile mob spawning on the world. As such, this flag will only control non-hostile mobs such as sheep and cows.

      Allow: Will allow mobs to spawn.
      Deny: Will stop mobs from spawning.

      /region flag <regionname> pvp <allow/deny/none>

      By default this setting is set to allow. Please note, we have disabled PVP globally. If you wish to enable PVP in your region, please explicitly allow this flag.

      Allow: Will allow pvp in your region.
      Deny: Will disallow pvp in your region.

      /region flag <regionname> chest-access <allow/deny/none>

      By default this setting is set to deny. This setting controls guests' access to chests. Region members have access to chests.

      Allow: Allow access to chests.
      Deny: Deny access to chests.

      /region flag <regionname> use <allow/deny/none>

      By default this setting is set to allow.

      Allow: Allow the use of buttons, levers etc.
      Deny: Deny the use of buttons, levers etc.

      /region flag <regionname> vehicle-place <allow/deny/none>

      By default this setting is set to deny.

      Allow: Allow the placement of vehicles.
      Deny: Deny the placement of vehicles.

      /region flag <regionname> snow-fall <allow/deny/none>

      By default this setting is set to allow.

      Allow: Allows snow to form.
      Deny: Stops snow from forming.

      /region flag <regionname> build <allow/deny/none>

      By default outsiders cannot build within your region and only when they
      become a member will they be able to build. If you want to go back to
      default settings, simply setting this setting to 'none'.

      None: This will revert back to the original state. Players who are not a member of your region will not be able to build inside it.
      Allow: Will allow anyone to build, even those who are not a member of your region. This is useful if your region is open to the public.
      Deny: Only owners will be able to build in the region.