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      Should we shift our lore to a wiki-like system? 4

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      I would like to call together a vote. Currently, our lore is hard locked. It can only be adjusted by those on the lore staff and members with bypass permissions. However, I am wanting to see what you guys think about opening this up.

      I propose that we shift our lore to a wiki system, similar to wikipedia. Lore staff will provide a base, populating the wiki with all of the information now available on the forums, and then we will open it up to you. This will allow users to add to pages as new information is discovered, allow conversation on particular pages (which is currently disabled to not detract from the lore itself), and will allow us to know what information you want to be available.

      However, this has some obvious cons as well, for instance having to actively maintain the wiki, moderating discussion, and adding another layer of complexity.

      This is why I wanted to get your opinions. As users, do you find it appealing to be able to write and establish your own lore, adding to the universe as you see fit (within bounds of course), or do you see this as more of a chore or as something that should be left to the lore team? As staff members, is this a responsibility you want to take on? It certainly adds to the work load of the moderators, watching the discussion and wiki pages to ensure the TACOS are followed. And it adds a burden to the lore team as they must examine the lore for inconsistencies, mark speculation as speculation, and so forth.

      So, I turn it over to you. Is this something you think you would like? Vote on the poll and comment below to share your comments, questions, and concerns. Votes can be changed, so if you feel the need to change your mind, you may do so.

      Edit: Discussion on how lore should be formatted here: Lexicon:User Lore Articles